We would like to congratulate our very own Don on his team winning second place at the USTA National championships competition on 10/15 at Surprise Arizona!  This is not an easy feat!  It also shows SPG has a lot of talent!

Sneha and Jeffrey, 5 votes         Photo by Landon McDonald

Our poster. Thanks to Parthiv for making it.

Participants of 2024 SPG social event. Special thanks to DQ for housing this event and to our host, Donna Albanese-DeMair.

Our veteran Landon McDonald. Still active on the court.

Neel, 2 votes                            Photo by Landon McDonald

Neel, Ray, Howard, Kevin and his wife Sue, Xiayi, Ralph were interrupted to take a stand, but looks like do not mind much.

SPG Tennis

Holly, Leo and Seth are posing, Peter minds his own business.

Mark, 4 votes                          Photo by Landon McDonald

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Listening to the reason does not mean to be agree to it.

SPG    Social     Event

Discussions, discussions are everywhere. The subjects are different though.

Donna, 6 votes - What can I do with this racquet?               Photo by Roger Baran.

Sneha, 1 vote                        Photo by Landon McDonald

On SPG 2024 season opening day, April 20th, the pictures taken of our members  were entered into SPG best tennis picture competition. The pictures that recognized by SPG members are shown below.

The winner is picture of Donna with her souvenir - extremely small tennis racquet, taken by Roger Baran.

From the tournament website and our contributor Donna Albanese-De Mair:

Our SPG member Don (Donatas Augylius), just returned from the USTA national championships, where his team was a finalist in the 3.0 division. 
Each USTA League season culminates with the annual USTA League National Championships, where representatives from all 17 sections compete in 15 national championship events. The events range from 2.5 to 5.0 on the NTRP scale and feature play in the 18 and over, 40 and over, 55 and over, and Mixed divisions.

Don and his team played in the 18 and older division at the 3.0 level.  They made it all the way to the very final Championship match. They did not win the final match but coming in second place is quite an achievement! Congratulations Don and his team! We look forward to cheering you on to future success!

Our SPG tennis club has been around since 1974. We have thrived for decades, survived during COVID-19, and currently enjoy a boost in membership with the addition of many talented players. Don is the latest SPG member to enjoy national success but he is not alone many members have enjoyed regional and national success.  SPG  has provided a competitive opportunity as well as a social opportunity for players. Come out and give it a try. Tennis anyone?