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​           Fred's Memorial gathering at Wardlaw courts on September 10, 2022

We are proud of all SPG members who keep​ SPG afloat in these difficult times

 1295 Inman Ave, Edison, NJ 08820 US    info@spgtennis.org

The last day of the 2022 season at Wardlaw

The last day of SPG 2022 season at Wardlaw

Players must be 18 or older.


The start time will remain at 9 AM.

We have an update! 
The 2022 SPG tennis season at Wardlaw was completed on October 23rd.

​Now we continue to play on public courts

Please monitor our site for updates.

Off-season playing at La Grande courts

Public courts addresses SPG members and their guests currently playing on

Dear Members and prospective Members:

The Board decided to offer two new locations to play the off-season.  

The first location is LaGrande park. It has five tennis courts that are oriented sideways to the sun in the morning.

No problem serving on those courts.

The address is 170 La Grande Ave, Fanwood,  New Jersey 07023

The second location is Thomas Edison park

The park has 15 tennis courts divided into three sections, each section has lights for the evening plays

The address is N Patrol Rd, Edison, NJ 08837

Please watch our website spgtennis.org for other important information.
You can pay the membership fee using a link to the Shopping cart on the Membership tab of this website.
See you soon,
SPG board


Last day of the season at Wardlaw

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